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'What are my competitors claiming in their advertising? Minerva answers that question.

A great advertising communications plan relies on knowledge of your product category and target market. A critical component is insight on competitor brands' advertising and the space they occupy. 

A brand's position is revealed in its story - the claims it makes in its ad copy and the benefits it promises to the consumer. Until now, extracting this insight from advertising has been an expensive, time-consuming and inevitably, a retrospective process. We are changing that.  

Real time insights to help understand a market and a category

Quick-read reports

Minerva analyses advertising content to arrive at a detailed brand strategy map.


We look for claims, product benefits, key words and themes, to form a view of the brand's position. 

A new service with a fresh approach. 


No more databases to search or time spent analyzing huge volumes of content. We do that for you. Simply supply your raw competitor advertising data and we will transform it into actionable insight.

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Commission a Minerva report as a single project or talk to us about real time reporting. 

Leaning into more than 20 years' experience providing intelligent insights to marketing teams, we know how to transform your data into actual information. 

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