It's all about the brand claim

Minerva answers the 'I want to know' questions raised by global brands, about their competitors.


Minerva is a new b2b advertising insight service. Born out of more than forty years' combined experience providing insight to global brands, Minerva is rebooting conventional ad monitoring in response to real business questions. 

The result is a new way to learn from competitor advertising. The advantage gained is instant knowledge of how your competitors are marketing their products. 


Carol Mason 


'Too many companies spend $$$ buying information and then don't use it. We want to make it possible for our clients to develop a successful brand strategy, by arming them with smart, useable insight, particularly in markets that are difficult to access.'

Former co-founder and Managing Director at ad intelligence company, Xtreme Information, Carol created Minerva to deliver advertising insights in an updated, impactful way.

Before Minerva, Carol's career took her around the world in executive leadership positions with Xtreme Information. She has worked with some of the world's leading brands across Personal Care, Financial, Consumer Goods and Telecoms.

Ronnie McBryde


Ronnie is an expert in global consumer insight and market intelligence.


Ronnie is CEO and founder of Sustainability Monitor, a global research business which studies corporate sustainability comms strategies. 

Prior to Sustainability Monitor, Ronnie headed up the global consumer insight team Ogilvy & Mather; Led a team of sixty researchers as a member of the Executive Board at Mintel International for three years and was Group Information Director at Bartle Bogle Hegarty for nine years. 

Christophe Toumit
Industry Specialist

Christophe has industry experience in developing and implementing business growth strategies for leading international brands.


Christophe's expertise lies in the consumer goods sector; his skills are in product development; brand, market and consumer insight, with concentration in the personal care category.


Christophe brings a unique vantage point and market know-how to Minerva. His career encompasses both B2C and B2B for company leaders, such as L’Oréal, Firmenich and Croda.

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